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Monday, October 31, 2011


yOu were there to light ma days
yOu were there to guide me throUgh
whEn my days is dowN & out..i'll never stop thinkin of u...
hOw can i forget all that when you're the one who made me smile
you'll alwayz b apart of me how i wish you were still mine..
i neveR wiLL foRget the day
hOw we've met & came this faR
we both knew we gOt this feeling but somehow it has to end up here
i know its me who saiD goOdbye & thats the hardest thing to do
cause YOU mean so much to me & thats the truth frOm me to yOu
fOR aLL the thiNgs i've dOne & sAid
fOr aLL the hUrt thAt i've caused yoU
i hope you wiLL foRgive me bAby
cause that wasn't what i meant to do.....
origiNaL lyrics & coMposed by: nuR janaH aLLia

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