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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

welcome welcome welcome ;)

every time i c 2PM,my hands start shivering and trembling like a parkinson patient,when i keep thinking bout them my heart bergoncang, and beating uncontrollably, when i c them (esp my JWY ) basically, my toes are frozen to the ground !! ;) thats what we call 2PM's effect !! and enamratosjutalemon saya suka!! malah takterkira lemonnya!!~..hehe

jd,sy mengucapkan welcome kepada saaaaaaya sendiri ye,,krn berjaya masuk kedalam dunia pemblogkan,hahahahaha..(bm A1) ..tabik getar kepada aadila adiy!! ;P

P/S:once HOTTEST,forever HOTTEST !!